Clutch & Differentials in Statesville, NC

Clutch & Differentials Service Repairs:
  • Clutch Kit Installs
  • Adjustments
  • Fluid Replacements
  • Free Diagnostics
  • Check Rear & Front Axles
Clutch close up shot - car services in Statesville, NC
There are many things that can cause a clutch to cause problems such as: Slipping of the clutch, Worn disc, Oil contamination or the problem could be just linkage. No matter the problem we can diagnose it and get it working back to new. We repair complete clutch kits, pressure plates and throw out barring. We use premium OEM parts and have experience mechanics ready for you!
The fluid in your vehicles differentials is a major role in keeping it running smooth. The technicians at Jim’s transmissions will make sure that the ring gear, pinion gear, and axle bearings are lubricated and cooled.
Jim's Transmission Service offers free inspection and quotes on repairs.